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The Meaning:

The word “SAWWAD” in Arabic means darkness, and it comes from the root word “ASWAD”, which translates to the color black. It signifies strength, mystery and the profound power of stillness. Out of darkness, all things are born.  

The best stories don’t tell us who we are, but who we can be – they inspire and empower us; they call us out to our higher selves. Darkness refers to anything that has yet been brought out into the light, that lives in the space beyond boundries; beyond our comfort zone – the void.

As creatives our job is to uncover what lies in the darkness and give it new light, new form, new meaning.. Creating something out of nothing is pulling value and beauty out of the dark.   


Brand Vision:

Three Axis coming together in one multiscensory world: Tech-Infused Fashion, Gaming and CGI Media.

At the heart of it all is the Story – an ode to the marvel of our ancient civilizaions and the wisdom of Egypt (Khemet), Persia (Media), the Gulf (Arabia) and Iraq/ Syria and Turkey (Mesopotamia and Sumer). The Queendom of Sawwad exists in a parralel universe, which encompasses all the above civilizations as one, while placing the Capital in the mysterious city of Al Ula.

What hidden influences did these four great civilizations have in shaping our current collective cultures? We dive deep into the forgotten history of our ancestors and reawaken the secrets that lie dormat in their allegory of symbolism and majesty. This is the story of humanity from the perspective of the stars!

The Team:



Salma’s versatile 25 year background took her on a journey of working with the leading names in the luxury, design, gaming and media industries. Heading their creative vision and strategy, she accelerates at building a cohesive team environment. Consistently demonstrating her  ability to tap into the market’s future demands, she built Sawwad as a means of creatively expressing her visions unbounded.  

A graduate of New York’s Parsons School of Design and Montreal’s Concordia, she later worked for Ralph Lauren, Armani Exchange , L’Oréal, Harper’s Bazaar and Tencent Gaming.




Shivangi is an artist, who uses clothing as her form of expression. Having spent almost a decade working in the fashion industry, both in the UAE and India, she brings design sensibilities from both cultures. Her experience as a fashion stylist in both the real and virtual world through fashion gaming has helped her understand the industry from a consumer’s perspective. 

She founded a sustainable clothing label a year ago, this entrepreneurial journey has given her an in-depth understanding of balancing design creativity and marketing.



Noah is an ambitious project manager with a diverse range of professional experiences. He has honed his skills through his work in Dubai’s gaming industry, where he was responsible for overseeing multiple projects simultaneously and ensuring their timely completion. 

He has also worked as a client servicing consultant in sales and supply chain management, which allowed him to build and maintain strong relationships with clients, while also ensuring that their needs were met in a timely and efficient manner.




Satsiri is the founder of True Identity Digital, a digital design agency based in Cape Town, South Africa.With over 20 years of experience in strategy, design and development, he has helped global clients ranging from FinTechs to NGOs to creative entrepreneurs come alive online.

He is experienced in user interface design and web development and is passionate about creating digital experiences that reflect the unique identity and values of each of his clients, help them achieve their goals and connect with their audiences in a meaningful way.




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the magic of Arabian mystical tales

In A Parallel Universe…

… an enchanted land gives rise to the first Queendom. Years after their pledge for peace, the descendants of the royal lineage fight for uncontested power. Follow the mythical journey of the four princess heroines as they face their innermost truth and darkest shadows.

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Chapter 5: Awaken The Dragon

Fashion Editorial

Chapter 2: In The Beginning

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